Let's meet!
My name is Ekaterina Gulchenko, and I am the founder of the crochet school "WowBag" as well as the chief designer of this brand. For three years now, I have been sharing my talent and knowledge, teaching this art to craftswomen from all corners of the world. Together, we create stunning masterpieces with our own hands, using only a crochet hook and a skein of yarn. We crochet practical interior baskets for home decor and stylish bags that rival the design and quality of the world's best fashion houses. We also use high-quality materials, including genuine leather and Italian hardware.

At the moment, our school has over 7,000 students, and this number continues to grow every day. Many of them craft beautiful items for themselves and their loved ones, while others have started their own businesses, earning good money doing what they love. Handmade items are highly valued in our time. Each piece is infused with the maker's soul, paying meticulous attention to details, unlike mass-market products. Currently, uniqueness and self-expression are in trend, and fashionable crocheted bags allow their owners to stand out from the crowd. Our experience shows that nobody remains indifferent to such creations.
The stereotype that crochetıng is an activity only for grandmothers has long ceased to be relevant. My own example only confirms this. Modern crafting has undergone significant transformation and has become accessible and popular for all ages. Major well-known brands also contribute to these changes by adding crocheted accessories to their collections every year. And we, along with our students, embrace these trends to further prove that creating beauty with our own hands is not only interesting but also fashionable.

Join us on this extraordinary journey, where WowBag is not just a school but a movement, empowering individuals to turn threads into masterpieces and dreams into reality. Together, we crochet a story of passion, creativity, and boundless possibilities. Choose your first crochet tutorial.

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